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A collection of some of the most beautiful "Trekking" professional photographs & prints I've taken over the years. Please note there may be multiple pages of photographs so keep scrolling or look for the "Older Posts" button!

Mt. Whiteface Winter Hiking


Lonely; Snow-Covered Tree on Mt. Whiteface

Tracks; Mt. Whiteface Trail

Community; Snow-Covered Trees on Mt. Whiteface


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Mt. Passaconaway (via Diceys Mill Tr.) Trail Report

Accidentally made the mistake of hiking in the exact opposite direction as planned; don’t ask what I was thinking, but I never go off plan like this.  Was planning to go Diceys Mill to Blueberry Ledge cutoff, up Blueberry to the summit of Mt. Whiteface, and then Rollins Tr back to Diceys up to the summit of Passaconaway and Diceys back to the bottom.  I planned this way so that, in the event that the ledges were too risky, I could simply turn back safely.  Going in the opposite direction practically required me to commit to heading down them.

Dicey Mills Trail Field

Dicey Mills Trail looking up to Mt. Whiteface and Mt. Passaconaway


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Mt. Moosilauke Winter Trail Report

Brutal conditions along the ridge up to the summit of Moosilauke today; 60 mph sustained winds and 50 feet of visibility made for a tough going.   Barely took the camera out at all today; the wind managed to blow snow up and into my pack, effectively filling it (and my previously comfortable camera) with the stuff.  With how well my pack was sealed, I still can’t believe my misfortune on this one.

Snow Covered Rocks on the Trail up Mt. Moosilauke


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Mt. Hale via Zealand Rd, Hale Brk Tr Trail Report

I was the only one on the trail today; maybe because it was Super Bowl Sunday? Cold and windy?  Or maybe just no one was in the mood today to add the extra six miles necessary to hike this mountain in the winter.  Didn’t really take the camera out much–in the clouds all day with lots of blowing snow and no views.  Decided to just enjoy the serenity of the hike.  10 miles / 4hrs 45min.

Lessons Learned on the Trail Today:
1.) Get more than 4 hours of sleep before hiking unless you want even the car ride to the mountain to be physically exhausting.
2.) I love bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches.
3.) Bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches do not love me.
4.) Getting lost within the first 10 minutes of hitting the trials is incredibly embarrassing, even if no one is around to laugh at you.

Zealand Road in Winter; Mt. Hale

Looking up to Mt. Hale from Zealand Road


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Mt. Pierce & Mt. Eisenhower via Crawford Path

I was planning to only do Mt. Pierce today, but when I found myself summiting it nearly an hour earlier than planned, and given the indescribably perfect weather, I quickly found myself lumbering towards Eisenhower as well.  Zero wind until that peak, not a cloud in the sky, and mid-teens all day.  Sitting at the summit and staring up at Mt. Washington just three miles up-trail–it was very hard to turn back. 10 miles / 5 hours.

Summit of Mt. Eisenhower

Summit of Mt. Eisenhower, looking up at Mt. Washington


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