I’ve been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. As a child, I’d be given disposal cameras for school field trips, and I would come back with rolls of pictures of fences, doors, and rooftops instead of the petting zoo fluffy animals we traveled to see in the first place. My parents — confused — would argue if they were getting their money’s worth on each trip they funded.

Many years have passed and now, like probably many photographers, the first questions I typically get when someone sees a picture they like is: “what kind of camera do you have?” I am of the philosophy that a true photographer shouldn’t consider himself limited by his equipment, but inspired to embrace everything that makes it unique. Even as the line between photography and digital art continues to blur these days, I’d like to still think I could pick up that old disposal camera from my youth and capture something in all of its beauty. (For those of you unsatisfied with that response: I shoot Nikon DSLRs.)

As a photographer based out of New Hampshire, you’ll surely see plenty of quintessential New England pictures on my site, but you’ll also notice that I’m constantly traveling and sharing shots and stories from around the world. I heavily favor landscapes, abstract, and rustic street photography, and if my posts aren’t explicitly telling you a story, I hope they at least cause you a seconds pause to get lost in thought, if even for a moment.

My work is constantly changing, so the heavily bold and contrasted shots that characterized my early career, were quickly replaced by a passion for black & white, and yet have now yielded way to something more in-between. My goal with this blog is to continue to push myself with new techniques and ensure my work is ever-evolving. Consider the site a sort of photo-diary, telling its own story throughout the course of the years. So what will my work be like six-months from now? I hope you’ll join me and find out together.

– Mike Buchholz

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