Mt. Pierce & Mt. Eisenhower via Crawford Path

I was planning to only do Mt. Pierce today, but when I found myself summiting it nearly an hour earlier than planned, and given the indescribably perfect weather, I quickly found myself lumbering towards Eisenhower as well.  Zero wind until that peak, not a cloud in the sky, and mid-teens all day.  Sitting at the summit and staring up at Mt. Washington just three miles up-trail–it was very hard to turn back. 10 miles / 5 hours.

Summit of Mt. Eisenhower

Summit of Mt. Eisenhower, looking up at Mt. Washington

Lessons I Learned On The Trail Today:
(1) I’m very susceptible to peer pressure on the trials.  A mere single hiker saying, “You have to keep going to the next peak” is enough to ensure I do exactly that.

(2) You know that famous Robert Frost poem with the ending: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I– / I took the one less traveled by, / And that has made all the difference.”  Yeah, that guy never hiked in the winter.  Let me tell you, I tried taking the path less traveled, and you know what I got out of it?  I probably spent a quarter of my day backtracking my own foot steps.

(3) Give me a cup of coffee before a hike and I will fly up the mountain.  I probably wasted a good hour taking pictures across the ridge and I still averaged 2 mph the whole hike.  I can only imagine if I didn’t have my camera with me….

Near Mt. Pierce Summit
Presidential Range Ridge-line

Looking down the ridge over to Mt. Pierce

Presidential Range Trail up to Washington

Presidential Range Trail up to Washington

Crawford Path

I trip and fell here. To make it look intentional, I took out my camera and took this picture.

Mt. Washington's Snow Covered Summit

Mt. Washington’s Snow Covered Summit

Snow Covered Trees on Crawford Path

One of the hardest hikes I’ve ever had to actually head back down from

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