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A collection of some of the most beautiful "Funny" professional photographs & prints I've taken over the years. Please note there may be multiple pages of photographs so keep scrolling or look for the "Older Posts" button!

Did Someone Say, ‘Food?’

Did Someone Say, 'Food?'

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Drive-By Theater; Newburyport, Massachusetts

Drive-By Theater; Newburyport, Massachusetts

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You Know You’re In New Hampshire When….

You know you’re in New Hampshire when…
…you actually have to put a “No Hunting” sign in your front-yard to deter rednecks from continuing to shoot your caged farm animals.

"No Hunting" in our front yard, please

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Day 365/365.

Well, I promised I wouldn’t do a shot-of-the-day for the full year, and yet I did anyways.  And so, I end the year with a lack of originality and yet another disaster story.

365; Die

Why is there a picture of stacked die above?  Because the picture of the cake didn’t work.

Me: “Give me a little bit to get my gear set-up and plan for proper exposure of the light.  Whatever you do, just don’t light the candles yet.”

Her: “What? Light the candles!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Me: “No! Don’t li….”

And like that, the candles were lit.

Let me just tell you, I have never seen someone so fast and efficient with a matchbook, but the frantic twitches of excitement and intoxicated look in her glazed-eyes were as unnerving as being locked in a dark room with an ADHD four-year-old who just pounded twelve-bottles of Five-Hour Energy after being forced to listen to the Hamster Dance song for 24-straight hours.

Within seconds, the shape of the “365” numbers had melted, and there was wax everywhere. While I still captured better images than the one below, I feel it’s a fair tribute to the failed attempt at a shot that is no more than a distant memory now.

Day 365; Cake Candles

The melted shapes of the 365 behind the culprit candles

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New Rule…

New Rule: IQ tests are required for anyone trying to purchase spray-paint.

$1000 Reward for the Return of Santa Claus

…Well, good thinking.  It’s also going to cost you another $1,000 when it dawns on you that you just spray-painted every surface of your truck in a rainbow of colors.  Any local kids who miss the “20 foot” part of that are also balling their eyes out when they see the local rednecks are gunning for their Santa Claus again.

The only thing that would make this better is if this isn’t that guy’s truck to begin with, and next week there is another vehicle parked next to it reading, “$1000 reward for the arrest & conviction of the @$$hole who spray-painted my truck.”

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