Day 365/365.

Well, I promised I wouldn’t do a shot-of-the-day for the full year, and yet I did anyways.  And so, I end the year with a lack of originality and yet another disaster story.

365; Die

Why is there a picture of stacked die above?  Because the picture of the cake didn’t work.

Me: “Give me a little bit to get my gear set-up and plan for proper exposure of the light.  Whatever you do, just don’t light the candles yet.”

Her: “What? Light the candles!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Me: “No! Don’t li….”

And like that, the candles were lit.

Let me just tell you, I have never seen someone so fast and efficient with a matchbook, but the frantic twitches of excitement and intoxicated look in her glazed-eyes were as unnerving as being locked in a dark room with an ADHD four-year-old who just pounded twelve-bottles of Five-Hour Energy after being forced to listen to the Hamster Dance song for 24-straight hours.

Within seconds, the shape of the “365” numbers had melted, and there was wax everywhere. While I still captured better images than the one below, I feel it’s a fair tribute to the failed attempt at a shot that is no more than a distant memory now.

Day 365; Cake Candles

The melted shapes of the 365 behind the culprit candles

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  1. chaoticfancy says:

    ahahahaha. fair tribute indeed for the shot that was. 🙂

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