Photo Gallery Style: Humor

A collection of some of the most beautiful "Humor" professional photographs & prints I've taken over the years. Please note there may be multiple pages of photographs so keep scrolling or look for the "Older Posts" button!

Experiences: Hiking With Dog

Black Lab, Crawford Path, Lake In The Clouds, New Hampshire

Alright Dog, I understand it must be difficult at times that you can’t communicate with me.  I understand there are probably times when you want to say, “You know what Mike, I’m getting a little tired; perhaps this is enough hiking for one day?”  But please understand that being forced to watch you dramatically act out your own death every 60 seconds is bit overkill:

A Little Dramatic, No?


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Dear Lab: Let’s Talk

Just because you spent the weekend with two Border Collies does not mean you’re now a herding dog. Stop staring at everything that moves as if you are about to flank it.  You have yet to master such simple tasks as how to eat out of a dog bowl, so why don’t we stop sitting in fields all the time trying to proclaim ourselves to be “working, blue collar dogs.” Your work day consists of eating grass, throwing it up, and then looking at me with proud eyes as if I should be impressed that you “made something.”  Stick to your competencies.

Fields of Gold, Black Lab

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Did Someone Say, ‘Food?’

Did Someone Say, 'Food?'

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Drive-By Theater; Newburyport, Massachusetts

Drive-By Theater; Newburyport, Massachusetts

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You Know You’re In New Hampshire When….

You know you’re in New Hampshire when…
…you actually have to put a “No Hunting” sign in your front-yard to deter rednecks from continuing to shoot your caged farm animals.

"No Hunting" in our front yard, please

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