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A collection of some of the most beautiful "Missouri" professional photographs & prints I've taken over the years. Please note there may be multiple pages of photographs so keep scrolling or look for the "Older Posts" button!

Day 114. Storm Chasing

So far 54 tornadoes have been reported from today’s storm, with Mississippi and Alabama getting the brunt of the storm, as was expected.  Wasn’t planning on chasing today (if I was, my plan was to stay at the SE-corner of Missouri last night, and then to follow the storms across the south-central U.S. in the morning).

Feed Silo; Missouri


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Day 113. Storm Chasing

Long day.  Chased storms through Nebraska (primarily around Lincoln, Omaha, and Fremont), and then back across eastern Kansas/western Missouri.  Hit with hail several times, largest being about the size of a nickel or quarter, and my car didn’t seem to enjoy it.  Chased in a lot of tornado watches/warnings, but no sightings despite very strong activity at times (so much activity that it was very challenging to shoot.

Best part of the day was around Rock Port, MO where I was almost completely surrounded by thunder-storms, but with a clear view of the stars directly above me:

Thunderstorm in Missouri


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Day 112.

Today marks only the second day of storms for me since getting out here, but we were only hit with rain.  While no luck today on any worthwhile storms, hoping for a safe yet more active day tomorrow.

Wilson; Downtown Kansas City, Missouri (more…)

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Gateway Arch; St. Louis, Missouri

Made it to St. Louis, Missouri early this morning to walk the city and see the Gateway Arch.  I refused to pay for parking and opted instead to park along the water front (literally a couple feet from the water), next to a “No Parking” sign, located inside of a small gated-lot labeled “Employees Only.”  That’s two good reasons to tow my car, and one good reason to get a new rental if the river ever rises a couple inches.

Gateway Arch Abstract; St. Louis, Missouri (more…)

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Day 106. Missouri Backroads

Chased my first storm since coming out to the mid-west. Unfortunately, the most I experienced was some strong winds, rain, and a little bit of lightning.  Followed the storm across NW Kansas through St. Joseph, Missouri before giving up.  Below shot was from my one-hour trip on back-roads, weaving between farmland, occasionally passing a tractor or two:

Missouri Backroads

When I got passed by a retro-fitted Jeep with a WWII-style machine gun rack sticking up from the passenger side and a 10-year old boy sitting behind the wheel with his mom in the passenger seat, I finally decided it was time to stick to the main roads.  I can’t apologize enough for not getting a picture of them, but frankly, I was pretty horrified at the time and didn’t want to be too obvious about my efforts to photograph them.  Sadly, the best I managed was a picture of their garage, which openly displayed to me the reason why (a) I got lost so many times and (b) why I almost got into so many accidents:

Garage in Northwestern Missouri

The entire garage was lined with these signs

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