While The World Sleeps

While The World Sleeps; Reading, Portrait

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6 responses to “While The World Sleeps”

  1. Doug Hickok says:

    Love the low-key treatment and especially the minimalistic framing.

  2. chaoticfancy says:

    wow! very fine motion blur there.
    The first time I saw your works in this blog, I declared myself a fan! 😀 I always look forward to your posts.

  3. Ayesha says:

    hi dear,,,
    i have found you on photo blog community…..
    this photo of yours is really attractive and catches the eye……..
    i invite you to visit my blog again……..
    thank you

  4. bee says:

    So simple, so beautiful!

  5. bee says:

    So simple! So beautiful!

  6. Crisp, neat – love the play of light and frame effect.

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