Shadow Cast Illusion; Portland, Maine

Shadow-casts have always been interesting to me–I love how they can make your eyes play tricks on you.

Look quickly at the above shot.


Shadow Cast Building Illusion; Portland, Maine

If you didn’t already notice, what appears to be a red brick building and chimney is actually just a shadow being cast on a larger brick building that is over-exposed (you can make out the outline of its roof at the top of the shot or an AC unit near the bottom right).  By over-exposing the shot, the building I was actually aiming at became washed-out, but it brought out the details in the shadow from a building that was to my back.  Just add in a little creative framing of the shadow and it creates enough effect to make you think you are actually starting at a normal picture of a brick building with a chimney on top.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation, but enough people commented on how they had no idea what they were looking at that I felt the need to elaborate.

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