Man & His Dog at Sunset, Mt. Major; Alton, NH

Mt. Major is a popular hiking destination on the south end of Lake Winnipesaukee in Alton, New Hampshire, and offers a beautiful view of the lakes at sunset as seen below.

…but forget about all that. I cannot overstate the difficulty and frustration we had trying to get the damn dog in this picture to sit still. I will admit, this dog is apparently plagued with a horrendous disease–a form of ADHD that no vet even thought possible, much less know how to treat. Calling him neurotic would be viewed as a compliment and huge behavioral improvement.

Given this dog could find an empty 5×5′ room intoxicating, being on top of a mountain surrounding by everything he is terrified of (wind, trees, mosquitos, his own tail, darkness), trying to remain still is near impossible. After multiple tries, we were fortunate that an owl cooed, which caused him to lock-up in a state of terrified rigidity, and allowing just enough time to release the shutter.

Just before turning to head back down the trail, and while deeply at peace in the tranquility of night, he walked up to me, licked my hand, looked me straight in the eye, lifted his leg, and proceeded to pee.  Such a romantic.

Man & His Dog at Sunset, Mt. Major; Alton, NH

A Lab's First Winnipesaukee Sunset; Mt. Major, Alton, NH

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2 responses to “Man & His Dog at Sunset, Mt. Major; Alton, NH”

  1. Romantic indeed 😉

    Stunning shot complemented with great post-processing!

  2. hehe, that made me laugh. Brilliant photos and a great sunset.

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