First Congressional Church; Shrewsbury, MA

So I decided to use the beautiful steeple of this church to play around with rustic texturing, since it’s been a while since my last such post.  I was purposely trying to be a little off in the composition, but strayed a bit too far (or not far enough) for my liking on most of the shots.  Still, there is something about the off-balanced second shot that grabs me–the lower half of the frame is perfectly in-line, but the top half appears to be falling out of view.  It’s an inconsistency I was striving for, but a lack of proper execution that led to most looking more like bad photography than artful rebellion.

First Congressional Church; Shrewsbury, MA

1766; First Congressional Church, Shrewsbury, MA

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  1. Pau Blasi says:

    wow, excellent texture job, I’d like to learn this technique some day.

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