Gelid; A Portrait

Gelid; A Portrait

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7 responses to “Gelid; A Portrait”

  1. This photo is fantastic, great focus on the eyes. Stunning.

  2. Pau Blasi says:

    Great high-key portrait, I can feel the cold.

  3. CAS says:

    This is a fabulos portrait. Looking through your images is a real pleasure. Something to aspire to.

  4. What great portrait, so mysterious, and the eyes are so captivating. The contrast is great to. Cheers.

  5. Maneesh Goal says:

    Stunning work this. I loved your B&W images. You have done them very well – beautiful composition and artful processing. As somebody commented on your portfolio – there’s a certain mood to your pictures and it’s been conveyed well!

  6. pulse says:

    love the composition here… great shot…

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