Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse; South Portland, ME

The Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse is located on a breakwater by the main channel into the Portland Harbor.  I decided to climb down the rocks by the lighthouse to take advantage of a small sand dune in the water for a different view of the lighthouse (which I didn’t post).  Well, I quickly learned that, while getting down the rocks safely was difficult enough, getting back up them with all my gear was near impossible.  Naturally, as the tide continued to rise and my sand dune shrunk to only a couple feet of exposed sand, I reacted with my typical sense of urgency, taking advantage of the impending crisis to take an incoming call and brag to friends and take pictures of my last few moments of life.

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse and Breakwater; South Portland, Maine

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse; South Portland, Maine

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2 responses to “Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse; South Portland, ME”

  1. Pau Blasi says:

    Amazing stone way to the lighthouse, great perspective and effect.

  2. The top one is amazing, great black and white. Very good composition and contrast. Cheers. And very good blog 🙂

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