Puppy Vs. Cat

Continuing with my Shots That Don’t Require Me Moving From My Bed Series

PUPPY after seeing me laying on couch, visibly ill and moaning in pain.

Appropriate response: (1) Grab every single toy from bin, carry it over to Mike and poke him with it to make him play tug-of-war. (2) If unsuccessful, eat any food or drink of his that he has nearby to make him respond (3) If unsuccessful, whimper and bark at him.  (4) When he finally gets up, run in circles until he decides to give chase.  (5) If unsuccessful still, just destroy one of his possessions.  That’ll teach him.

Mike’s response: Don’t they call you things, “Man’s best friend?”

CAT after seeing me laying in bed, visibly ill and moaning in pain.

Appropriate response: (1) Lay next to him at all times, only sleep when he is sleeping.  (2) If he suddenly moans-out in pain, lick him to try to calm him down.  (3) Do not eat anything unless he is out of bed to make sure he is never alone.

Mike’s response: Interrupt your sleep with flash photography.

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