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Day 106. Missouri Backroads

Chased my first storm since coming out to the mid-west. Unfortunately, the most I experienced was some strong winds, rain, and a little bit of lightning.  Followed the storm across NW Kansas through St. Joseph, Missouri before giving up.  Below shot was from my one-hour trip on back-roads, weaving between farmland, occasionally passing a tractor or two:

Missouri Backroads

When I got passed by a retro-fitted Jeep with a WWII-style machine gun rack sticking up from the passenger side and a 10-year old boy sitting behind the wheel with his mom in the passenger seat, I finally decided it was time to stick to the main roads.  I can’t apologize enough for not getting a picture of them, but frankly, I was pretty horrified at the time and didn’t want to be too obvious about my efforts to photograph them.  Sadly, the best I managed was a picture of their garage, which openly displayed to me the reason why (a) I got lost so many times and (b) why I almost got into so many accidents:

Garage in Northwestern Missouri

The entire garage was lined with these signs

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