Between the Lines, Geometry of a Booth; Miami Beach, FL

Second day in Miami Beach.  Second day posting an abstract shot.  Second day of me imagining the chore that will be explaining to friends & family how one can travel to an exotic location and only take pictures of lines, shapes, and colors.

…And yet I can’t help but find that kind of satisfying.  “Oh, you’re going to Miami?” I imagine myself saying to another one day.  “Oh, you’re going to love it! Let me show you some pictures so you know what to expect!”

So with that thought, let me show you a picture of Miami Beach.  This shot was taken a mere couple of feet from the crashing baby-blue tropical waves of the warm Atlantic Ocean, as I was surrounded by scantly-clad, beautiful young women, all while being enchanted by the songs of tropical birds circling the air above.  It’s a sight that you truly must see to believe.  So without further ado:

Between the Lines, Geometry of a Booth; Miami Beach, Florida

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3 responses to “Between the Lines, Geometry of a Booth; Miami Beach, FL”

  1. A.Barlow says:

    I like these simple and clean shots. This has a “beachy” feel to it also.

  2. Robert says:

    It’s a really great shot! I love the contrast between the colors and the clean lines. And I agree with another post that it has a universal beach feel to it. But then again, it’s Miami Beach…make sure you also shoot some scantily clad young women!

  3. Simple, clean lines, great colours and that beachy feel to it.

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