Whaleback Ledge Lighthouse; Kittery, Maine

Whaleback Ledge Light Station was first built in 1831 (and later rebuilt multiple times after damage from storms) off Cape Neddick near Kittery, Maine. The current tower was constructed in 1872 and stands 59ft tall. It’s currently abandoned and closed to the public–this is clearly a dare directed squarely at me.  The good news is, I think I know who I can borrow a small boat from… I’ll let you know how the trespassing arrest goes later this summer.

Whaleback Ledge Lighthouse at Dusk; Cape Neddick, Maine

Whaleback Light stands at the entrance to the Portsmouth Harbor

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  1. Doug Hickok says:

    Wonderful shot Mike! I like the nostalgic, antique look, and the way you positioned the lighthouse in the frame. What is it about lighthouses that make them so captivating?

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