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Don’t Cross Unless; Peterborough, NH

Don't Cross Unless

I sense a challenge...

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Animal Farm Sunset; Missouri

Animal Farm Sunset; Missouri

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Day 114. Storm Chasing

So far 54 tornadoes have been reported from today’s storm, with Mississippi and Alabama getting the brunt of the storm, as was expected.  Wasn’t planning on chasing today (if I was, my plan was to stay at the SE-corner of Missouri last night, and then to follow the storms across the south-central U.S. in the morning).

Feed Silo; Missouri


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Dirt Road; Nebraska

I followed a bunch of back-roads in Nebraska today until I got stuck on a single-lane dirt road (not shown here) and had to drive in reverse for a mile to get back to the other dirt-road (which I also had no idea how to get back home from).  Every intersection on that road had clear visibility of 100% nothing for miles, and any road signs I passed were riddled with bullet holes.  It was still remarkably beautiful and I didn’t see another person for over an hour while traveling on these roads:

Dirt Road; Nebraska

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